GRA Men’s Team

The Ghana Revenue Authority Basketball Team was in the country for one week to play friendlies with local teams at various locations in Nairobi. This is the first time Kenyan basketball teams were playing international friendlies. It was a good opportunity for our local clubs to gauge themselves in terms of style of play, strengths and weaknesses.

The teams that participated in this international friendly include, USIU(Men), ZETECH( Ladies and men), Thunder, Storms, RIARA(men), Stathmore(Ladies and Men), KPA(Ladies), and Ulinzi Warriors.

Venues of the matches were rotated to give the Ghanians a feel of the various playing turfs that we have in Kenya. Some matches were played outdoors in USIU and Strathmore, while the indoor court experience was felt at YMCA in Shauri Moyo, World Hope center and to crown it all, the Kasarani indoor gymnasium.



The visitors really lauded the facilities that we have in Kenya and and wished they had similar facilities back at home.

The first game was played against USIU men team at USIU the GRA team popularly known as “The Braves” won the game with 69 points, which was a good start for the visitors considering how well the USIU men team was playing.



Other interesting matches were with, Thunder which was strongly contested where Thunder won by one basket on the final whistle. Strathmore Storms and KPA ladies teams were worthy opponents to the GRA ladies team while USIU and Ulinzi Warriors also gave the men team a run for their money.

The GRA team also visited DIWOPA in Kayole for a CSR activity where they conducted a training clinic for the kids.


Sports Connect Africa is looking forward to organizing more international friendlies in basketball and other sports for the development of the sports in Kenya.



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