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Women in Sports Conference group photo

Kenya Table Tennis Association together with Sports Connect Africa hosted the Women in Sports Conference that took place during the ITTF Africa Cup which was held between 1st and 3rd March in Kasarani. The idea of the conference was to enhance the experience of the tournament and to engage stakeholders to know more about the sport of table tennis and sports at large.

The objective of the conference was to highlight the current situation of women in sport, to look for opportunities to encourage women to participate in sports at all levels and to engage partners and stakeholders to be involved in women sports. The event came in time as the world was preparing to celebrate the International Women’s Day. (8th March)

The turnout was amazing comprising of an eager audience drawn from federations, sports stakeholders, players and mangers. Kenyans generally are hungry for sports content especially around sports development and commercialization.


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The Physiological and Psychological Issues for Women in Sport panel was one that really captured the attention of the audience.  Theses aspects of sports sparked lots of interest and questions among the audience. Sports nutrition and Sports Law were a new concept to most of the audience. This (Sports Law), is an area that Kenya as a country has not really taken seriously. The conference was privileged to have Sarah Ochwada, the  first African woman to hold an LLM in International Sports as one of the panelists among other distinguished women who are doing exceptional things in the field of sports.

Sarah Ochwada (with mic), first African Woman with an LLM in International Sports Law.

Sports Connect Africa will continue having more sports forums to engage stakeholders in discussions around women in sports business in Kenya and beyond.




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