Cynthia Mumbo, CEO Sports Connect Africa giving opening remarks.

Sports Connect Africa held its first edition of the Africa Sports Business Mixer at Metta, Nairobi. This is the first event of its kind whose aim is to help understand what sports business is all about and how the ecosystem around sports business in Africa is and how to tap into this multi-billion industry.

This will be a quarterly event that will be held at various locations in the region.

The next edition is slated to be held in Kampala, Uganda due to demand for such discussions around sports business.

The main of these mixers is not only to make people understand what sports business is about but also to connect sports business entrepreneurs, to create a platform to exchange ideas on how to improve the sports business environment and also a forum to network and learn new things.


At each mixer, there will be a carefully selected panel of industry opinion leaders and experts on the topic of discussion who will give insights to that topic as well as answer questions from the audience. There will also be a moderator who is not only knowledgeable about the sports industry but one who is also able to ensure that order prevails during the event.

For the first mixer, the panel discussed the topic “What is Sports Business?” The panel consisted of Martin Keino, MD Keino Sports Marketing, Peter Gacheru, MD IMG Kenya, Robert Muthomi, CEO Football Kenya Federation and Weldon Kennedy of Enda footwear.


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Subsequent events will have equally interesting panelists to make the event meaningful and worthwhile.

Why isn’t sports a bigger revenue generator for the country and why aren’t local events as well attended as the Under 18 Athletics Championship was in Kasarani for instance?

The sports economy can be defined as all economic activities which require sport as an input, that is all goods and services which are related to a sport activity. These include sport clubs, public sport venues, sport event organizers and sports equipment and merchandise sales as well.

Data from other countries indicates how large this sector of the economy can be; a 2012 report by the EU found that as of 2005, value added by the sports-related sector was up to Sh21.2 trillion (173.86 billion euros) and the direct effects of sport, combined with its multiplier effects, added up to Sh36 trillion (294.36 billion euros) in the EU.

These are the kinds of discussion the Sports Business Mixers aim to tackle. There will be topics of discussions across the board that aim to delve further into sports business.

Anthony Chantry (left), getting tips from Boniface Ambani (right), former Harambee Stars International player.




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